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Thank You Teach for Malaysia

Recently I have started a monthly donation to support Teach for Malaysia (TFM) in their mission to end education inequity. TFM believes that a child’s education and future should not be determined by his or her background. For me, personally, I feel that all children deserve a basic education and food. My small token of monthly contribution can empower 2 students with an excellent education. And children are our future leaders.

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Thank You

I would like to say thank you for the white gold, call, messages and last respect paid to my late mother who passed away on 17th Jan 2019.

  1. Tim (PR, WG)
  2. Brian (PR, WG)
  3. Gary (WG)
  4. KC
  5. Weng (PR, WG)
  6. Fung (PR, WG)
  7. Jen (WG)
  8. Sim (PR, WG)
  9. Spy (PR, WG)
  10. SH (PR, WG)
  11. Fai (PR, WG)
  12. Angie
  13. BJ
  14. Jac
  15. Leena
  16. Jas
  17. Bee
  18. Zeeshan
  19. Ken
  20. Harry
  21. Theuns
  22. Deepa
  23. Diana
  24. Kris

*PR Pay Respect, WG White Gold

Last Day of 2018

On the last day of 2018, I am grateful to have the opportunity to go back to Plaza Sg. Wang to have Teppanyaki. Even though the shop that I saw during my teenager time is no longer there, but I am grateful enough to have lunch at another Teppanyaki shop. We ordered a chicken set and beef set with drink upgrade to ABC. The taste of the food is average but more importantly, was the memory that I had for Plaza Sg. Wang and Low Yat Plaza.

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Money is the Root of All Evil

Childhood Belief

I was listening to Jack Canfield’s YouTube about the 5 Things Keeping You from Wealth and Success in this morning when I am on my way to the office. This is my usual morning ritual to utilize my time based on NET (No Extra Time) concept by Tony Robbins.

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The Dash Song

The Dash by Linda Ellis

The first time I listened to the song version of The Dash poem was during my Patterns of Excellence Module 2 workshop. It is a very meaningful poem/song, with the Dash (-) refer to the time between the day we born to the last breath. How we spend the time in between the dash. Do we waste the time given to us or spend it meaningful?

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