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Recently I purchased a auto detailing voucher from myFave.com, after seeing good reviews of the merchant, Jom Cuci. Then during my redemption, the staff from the Kepong Outlet told me there is no waxing. Then I told him, and pointed to one of the item in my package stated ‘Meguair’s G188211 Ultimate Paste Wax’, and he told me it is actually Meguair Wash and Wax liquid that they will be using to wash my car. And the staff asked me to top up RM 90 for the wax which I rejected. And then he try convince me again to take out the wax by offering lower price of RM 80. Again, I rejected as I was a bit pissed on the misleading package details.

After I went back home after the car wash, I google ‘Meguair’s G188211 Ultimate Paste Wax’ and found it is actually as shown in the image below, and not Wash and Wax Liquid. Thus, I feel cheated and I give a 1 star review to the service. But to my surprised, my review was not published by myFave. Thus, I drop an support ticket with myFave and the customer service told me that the other team will looking into it. I try look at myFave fanpage, Android App review, to my surprise I am no the only one facing the same problem that poor review on the services / products sold in myFave was not published.

myFave customer support told me that they will take care of both the merchant and customer, but publishing only good 4 & 5 star reviews, this is called take care of the customers? Does it make sense to you?






























Look at the last 5 reviews of this services, all 5 star rating. Sound good right. Then look at the bottom right of the rating, it is only 3 star. Is not that weird? It should have shown 4 to 5 star, as so many 5 star reviews. Can you trust the reviews?

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