Welcome 2016, Bye 2015 Review

Happy New Year 2016 to everyone. The Year 2015 ended with Dow Jones industrial average lost 2.23%, S&P 500 average lost 0.73% and NASDAQ average gain 5.73% . It is going to be a challenging year ahead in 2016, and make our life more interesting. Just Make It!

Year 2015 Review

  1. Open my first trading account and started investing in January 2015
  2. Practice the strategies learnt from Wealth Academy Investor which I was graduated in Nov. 2014 and first month of investing achieved 6.09% return.
  3. Continue the learning process and learnt the IBD Investing Strategy and Swing Trading.
  4. Investing in myself by buying books and online training tutorials.
  5. Come out with system to keep track of my trading journal and been doing this since started investing.
  6. The 12 months performance was poorly achieved. 2015 Performance
  7. Performed self reviewed of poor performance. 1) Set impossible target for myself 2) Impossible target caused over trades, less patient and never follow rule 3) Using the strategy in the wrong timeframe
  8. After self reviewed, I know moving forward is to FOCUS in two methods 1) Swing Trading using Account #1 2) IBD Investing using Account #2
  9. More picky in preparing Watchlist

Year 2016 (First Half) Resolution

  1. Read one book in a month, total 12 books in a year  [17/1: Completed the 1st book, now starting 2nd book]
  2. Start paper trading on Swing Trading in month of January
  3. To come out with more systematic system for Swing Trading
  4. To break-even both of my trading account by Quarter 2 and to reward myself with SW3 once achieved
  5. To achieve net gain for both trading account every month [17/1: Progressing]
  6. To maintain active & alert mind with more exercise. (Once a week)
  7. To improve my soft skill
  8. To blog more with min. one post per week [17/1: Progressing]

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