• Kinder Joy with Toy
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    Kinder Joy

    I am grateful that my eldest niece have gifted me two Kinder Joy for my upcoming birthday. She bought it because from the advertisement she saw, it come with toy car. They knew I like all the cute toy stuffs. When I got home, then I opened one of it and first Kinder Joy come with a mini figurine toy. The second ones came with a small car that you can pull it to the back, let go and it will move to the front. I ate one of the chocolate, it is too sweet to my liking. It will be good if Kinder Joy can reduce the sweetness of…

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  • Jeff Lee Kitchen Chicken
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    Warm Dinner @ Jeff Lee Kitchen

    On Saturday, we went to Jeff Lee Kitchen at Kampung Baru Sg. Buloh for family dinner. Total there are 12 of us and it is just nice to fit into a big table. The dinner was on my eldest brother in law after he strikes lottery. Yes, please strike more if the message I told him before we left. : ) We ordered quite a number of dishes and to me, all dishes are tasty. You can see the roasted chicken before and after picture above. WOW, it is totally cleaned with my eldest nephew finished it. And I am grateful that I got the chance to eat the yummy…

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  • Teach For Malaysia
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    Thank You Teach for Malaysia

    Recently I have started a monthly donation to support Teach for Malaysia (TFM) in their mission to end education inequity. TFM believes that a child’s education and future should not be determined by his or her background. For me, personally I feel that all children deserve a basic education and food. My small token of monthly contribution can empowers 2 students with an excellent education. And children is our future leaders. As at writing, so far total donations collected is Rm 730,000 and 58,400 students helped and their goal is to achieve RM 1 million. Beside monetary, you can also offer yourself to join the fellowship. If you would like…

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    Thank You

    I would like to say thank you for the white gold, call, messages and last respect paid to my late mother who passed away on 17th Jan 2019. Tim (PR, WG) Brian (PR, WG) Gary (WG) KC Weng (PR, WG) Fung (PR, WG) Jen (WG) Sim (PR, WG) Spy (PR, WG) SH (PR, WG) Fai (PR, WG) Angie BJ Jac Leena Jas Bee Zeeshan Ken Harry Theuns Deepa Diana Kris

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  • Self Fulfilling Prophecies
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    Self-Fulfilling Prophecies 2019

    Below are for my reference on tracking of SFP 2019 Prophecies Tracking Prophecies Cause Effect Sell off in May 2018 No sell off Year 2018 might show weakness in economy and market Black Friday / Cyber Monday 2018 Up Mkt. rally if total of both figures better than last year. Else last 5 days of the year + 2 days could be flat or bear. And also indicator for next year performance. Santa Claus Rally 2018 No First Day Of January 2019 Up First Five Days Of January 2019 Up S&P500 has a net positive gain in the first five trading days, there is about an 86% chance that the…

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