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Affiliate Marketing with Involve Asia

First of all, you might wonder who is Involve Asia? You might already know what is Affiliate Marketing all about and the famous platforms such as ClickBank, Commission Junction and etc.

Who is Involve Asia

Involve Asia is a content advertising platform that helps online publishers make money from their websites and followers by automating the affiliate marketing process by recommending products and deals their users love.

Involve Asia with headquarter in Menara MBMR, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia was launched in year 2014 and currently is the largest e-commerce affiliate network in Southeast Asia with more than 550 merchants in 20 countries. Thousands of websites around Asia have benefited by Involve Asia and earning incremental revenue from eCommerce providers.

It is an Malaysian startup with only 2 years old but already generated over US$11 million in gross retail sales. Basically they are connecting online retailers and brands to the target consumers thru digital publishers. With the undisclosed amount in Series A funding co-led by Cradle Seed Ventures and 500 Startups, Involve Asia will use the funds to expand the market presence.

Source: Innovate Tech Startups and 500 Startups Cradle Seed Invest

(L-R): Jimmy How, CEO of Involve Asia, Aziz Hussein of Cradle Seed Ventures, and Sabina Chang, COO of Involve Asia
Source: Yahoo! News

Brand and Online Retailer in Involve Asia

Many big brands already join Involve Asia such as Malindo Air, Airbnb, Agoda, 11street, Kaodim, Sen Heng, Digi, Kinokuniya, HostGator, Bonia, Club Med,, Lazada, F.O.S, Apple (MY), Uber and many mores.

It is interesting right, there are so many merchants that you can promote to your visitors, followers and readers. It showcase their latest promotion which also benefits them.

Tools Offered by Involve Asia

With their easy to use tools, regardless you are a social media influencer, content or video producer, cash-back, coupon, discount site, you can easily get started.

Can I become a Publisher with Involve Asia

Do I need a website to join as Publisher? The answer is NO. Awesome! Love it! If you are a social media influencer with many followers, you can share it with them using your preferred social media platform.

Can I join as Publisher because I have websites? Of course, if you have content website, blog, coupon or cashback sites, product comparison sites then you can also share it with your visitors.

Join Now as Publisher

Now, it is free to join as Publisher and once you get approved then you can start Get Paid to promote brands you love when your visitors or followers purchase their favourites products / services.

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