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Sector ETFs

There are many ETF or Exchange Traded Fund in the market, one of the categories is the Sector. Below are the list of popular ETF by Sectors from SPDRs with 50 Days Average Daily Volume (ADV) information. XLFS and XLRE are relatively quite new ETF with very low ADV, means it is not liquidity enough. Thus, it is better to avoid until they have at least min. 300K ADV.

Ticker     Sector
XLY           Consumer Discretionary (ADV: 8,123,500)
XLP           Consumer Staples (ADV: 10,461,100)
XLE           Energy (ADV: 22,462,100)
XLFS         Financial Services (ADV: 13,500)
XLF           Financial (ADV: 47,363,000)
XLV           Healthcare (ADV: 12,148,000)
XLI            Industrials (ADV: 13,648,200)
XLB           Materials (ADV: 7,339,800)
XLRE        Real Estate (ADV: 8,400)
XLK           Technology (ADV: 12,326,900)
XLU           Utilities (ADV: 12,293,000)

If you want to view the sector performance by day, week, month, year and year-to-date then you can either go to or but my own personal preference is because the chart is sort by the performance % which is easier to see at one glance where top performance sectors is at the top and the laggard performance sectors at the bottom.

Finviz Sectors performance






If you want to view your stock performance with comparison to the Sector ETF, then the Sector Charting from SPDRs is quite useful. You can select the Sector ETF and Stock Symbol for the comparison.

SPDRs Sector Charting







To increase the odd of winning, some investors / traders will go long on top sectors and go short on laggards sectors or the stocks under the particular sectors.