Financial Freedom

Investor or Swing Trader

Do you want to be a Professional Investor or Swing Trader?

This is the most important question you must ask yourself first before invest into any investing / trading workshop. You need to know what actually you wanted and suitable to before decide on the workshop. Those workshop are not cheap but it is a very important skill sets to learn. Thus make sure you choose the correct ones. The ones I attended in 2014, Wealth Academy Investor by Adam Khoo which I have invested RM 4,888 for it. But it is a very good workshop for Investor to be (*It is not for Trader).

  1. Is the initial capital you put into the market is your extra and unused savings?
    Regardless of you want to be an Investor or Trader, please do not borrow money or use the money from the saving that you put aside for raining days. If you do not have enough capital for this now, start adjust your budget and put money aside for it while start the learning process. You can always use Paper Trading account for practice.
  2. How much time do you willing to spend on it daily and even weekend?
    Short term Investor: Weekend you will need to prepare your watchlist, review your open positions and update your journal on new position. Weekday, you will spend maybe about half an hour to one hour daily to look at the charts of your open positions or to enter new position
    Swing Trader: Daily: Prepare watchlist, review open positions, updating trading journal (can do only on weekend too), enter new position, perform pre-market analysis, follow global news on anything that can affect the market (not stock tips news). Easily need to spend up to 3 hours on trading days.
  3. What is your actual reason of learning it?
    You want to earn an extra income on top of your day job or business but you don’t want to spend much time on it everyday, then Investor path is for you.
  4. Is your ultimate journey is to resign from your current job (if you are employed) and do this full time?
    If yes, and you want to do this full time, then Trader is a path to go. Swing or Day trader but for Day trader it is depends on which timezone you are from.
  5. Are you a displined person that can follow strictly a system and less emotional?
    Regardless of Investor or Trader, we will need to follow a system or setup strictly. As a trader, it is much more challenging.
  6. If you are into US market, then which part of the world are you from and the time zone different from New York where NYSE amd NASDAQ situated?
    If you are in the same or close to timezone of NYC, means you are working during market trading hours. Then you might not have much time to look at the market, then Investor could be a good path for you. If you are in different time zone like me, I am from Malaysia and it is about 12 hours different depends whether it is daylight saving or not. During market open at 9.30 am in NYC, it is 9.30 pm in Malaysia. For me, I can either to choose Inbestor or Trader path depends on how much time I am able to spent

Finally, learn how to fish instead of waiting for the fish given by someone else. The investment club that I joined, Wealth Academy Investor Inner Circle (WAIIC) have many members that love waiting for investment tips of monthly stock picks by the poetfolio team. To me, it is alright to refer to the stock picks as one of the source of watchlist provided we will do our own fundanmental analysis and technical analysis to time the entry points. For those just blindly follow (waiting for fish), then I wish them best of lucks as they really need it. : )

For me, my ultimate journey is to become a full time Professional Trader. YES, you are right that I have attended Wealth Academy Investor which is for Investor, not Trader. Why? Because I do not know what I really wanted at that time, but the workshop really gave me a good foundation of how investing in stock market work in the context of fundamental and technical analysis. Thanks to Adam Khoo for a great experience and knowledge he have shared with all of us.