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Websites Source for ETF Investors

Below are few websites source for ETF Investors that I feel it might be useful for everyone. The list below is not in any particular sequence. I am in the progress of preparing a list of ETF to be included in my watchlist. which offers ETF screener and fund flow. The Fund Flow feature is quite useful which it show the Top 10 Creations with positive Net Flows and Top 10 Redemptions with negative Net Flows.

Founded in 2001, is the world’s leading authority on exchange-traded funds. delivers clear, independent and authoritative education and analysis about ETFs online, in print and at its industry-leading events. The firm’s marquee properties include its website (, its print publications (ETF Report and ETF Report UK) and its conferences, highlighted by the largest ETF conferences in the world, Inside ETFs and Inside ETFs Europe. which offered a list of tools, most of it are completely free. This is one of the website I used most of the time in searching for ETF.

The team at ETF Database is committed to making the premier source of information on ETF investing.

ETFdb where you can get the daily news of ETF and two useful tools to my personal opinions which are the Stocks in Your ETF and What ETF Holds Your Stocks. Why I found this is useful, for an example if you want to Go Long on an ETF, you might want to look at the charts of the top 3 stock holdings to reaffirm on the long play.

This site is intended to give you one source for the latest daily headlines helping you to make informed decisions about Exchange Traded Funds. You will find a wealth of information in our archives, and can search for keywords targeting articles relevant to you. Please feel free to comment on any of these articles, as our community appreciates every-one’s views, and outlooks.

ETF Daily News is a subsidiary of WBC Media, LLC, a New Hampshire company set up to run financial news and opinion on “Exchange Traded Funds.” ETF Daily News delivers its content over the Internet.

ETF Daily News publishes over 10 articles a day and has readers in over 200 countries thoughout the world.


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