Sleepy after food

After Lunch Effects

Sleepy Effects from After Lunch Effects

Why do we feel sleepy after lunch? In fact, it is after food. It is all because of food digestion process in our body and it take up a lot of energy from us. This is the reason why we feel sleepy as we are low in energy. In order to prevent this sleepy effects after food, the trick is about food combination. Food combination of carbs and proteins are bad because both required different type of digestion which one is acidic and the other ones is alkaline. As you know, acidic and alkaline will neutralize each other thus it make our body work even harder to digest the food, and it will take hours.

If you really cannot avoid not eating protein or carbs, then just don’t combine¬† it into 1 meal. You can mix proteins + veges or carbs + veges. Today, I was having veges only for lunch and to my surprised I did not feel sleepy at all till the end of the day.

Lets start eat more properly and stay healthy!