Sharing Session by Wong Yu Jin

I am fortunate and grateful that I have been given an opportunity to attend a 3 hours Heath Booster talk by Wong Ju Jin. Below are what I learnt from him:

  • How to counter after lunch sleepy effect.
    The reason why most of us feel sleepy after lunch is due to the sugar level in our body. If we eat a lot of carbs, something sweet (sugar), etc then that will increase the sugar level in our body. And once it exceeded the maximum level which the body will see as danger, then it will produce insulin to reduce the sugar. It is the sudden drop of sugar level that caused us to feel sleepy.

    • Diet: Maybe half an hour before lunch, eat an apple. This will make us a little filling, so during lunch we can eat less. And eat till you feel 70% full, then can stop. But then, as we eat less and it will make us feel hungry after few hours. Then can eat other healthier snacks like fruits, nuts and etc to replenish the energy.
    • Non-Diet: It is actually the patterns that we have formed in our non-conscious mind, once we get back to office with nice airconds blowing to us, then we will start to feel sleepy. Thus, we need to break the pattern, one of the way is to stand up, do some stretching  or walk around. Then if feel sleepy again, then do it again. Other way is to go to somewhere where got sun, this will tell the body that it is day time not yet a sleeping time.
  • 5 mins workout per day to maintain your health (at the same level) – you want to know more, can get his latest book “Fit In Five: Better Health In Just 5 Minutes a Day” here.
  • Supplements that we can consider to take like multi-vitamin, fish oil (tips: make sure the bottle mentioned the source is from small fishes. Small fishes tend to have less mercury.) and more fiber.
  • We can train our body to be fit to our role, example if you are a badminton player, then the body know that you do not need a big body size. If your job require a lot of heavy work, then the body know it need to built muscle.
  • Our body is smart enough to know what time of the day. If you travel to oversea with different time zone, it could be already night time for your body. Then you feel feel sleepy even you are in day time now. One of the way to trick the body is once we touch down, go to a cafe which you can access to the sun instead of check in direct to the hotel. You can have a cup of coffee, maybe for half an hour which you can get the sunlight. Then the body will know it is daytime, and not suppose to sleep.

You can visit his Facebook fanpage here to folllow up with his latest updates and amazing workout videos. Below is one of my favourite: