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Commit by Schedule It

Commit & Schedule It

We have been wanted to play badminton as part of our exercise plan. The idea of it have pop up during our chat from time to time. And every time we will said lets do it over the weekend, either on Saturday or Sunday. But, nothing have been done after that. 😆

Two weeks ago, finally I reach the point that I myself could not tolerate anymore on it. I feel bad for not taking any action. And I remembered what I learnt from Tony Robbins’s RPM (Rapid Planning Method) thru the Life of Your Time training program. Things will not get done unless we COMMIT and SCHEDULE IT. I immediately pick up my phone and call the badminton center to make a court booking for an hour play and I got reserved with Court 1.  😀

Many times, we have planned our goals and the its action plan but goal will only remain as dream unless we commit and schedule a date and time to execute it.  So I hope everyone just like Nike slogan below and Just Do It! Lets take action now to commit and schedule what have been planned. Yes, We Can Do It!

Just Do It