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Today I would like to share some miracle experience that I feel after the last day of Unleash The Power Within conference by Tony Robbins in Singapore. One of my limiting belief that I have is not all people are trust able. During the transformation day, which the Day 3 of the seminar that I have finally removed my limiting beliefs and replaced it with a new belief which is People are Nice 🙂

Then the next day and subsequent day when we walk around Singapore at Chinatown area, we met few people which are very nice. People been showing us way, and got one time even without us asking and yet the lady asking us where we want to go and pointing us the correct direction to go.

I believe that and also what I learnt from UPW is we get what we focus on. As now my new belief is people are nice and I focus on that and that are all I got, keep meeting nice people. AWESOME!