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Last Day of 2018

On the last day of 2018, I am grateful that have the opportunity to went back to Plaza Sg. Wang to have Teppanyaki. Even though the shop that I saw during my teenager time no longer there, but I am grateful enough to have lunch at the new Teppanyaki shop. We ordered a chicken set and beef set with drink upgrade to ABC. The taste of the food is average but more importantly was the memory that I had for Plaza Sg. Wang and Low Yat Plaza.

This is the day also where I reviewed my 2018 resolutions. Some achieved, some half achieved and some not achieved at all. I was thinking what blocked me from achieving it. I feel it is all down to two things 1) limiting beliefs 2) non-empowering state

For year 2019, the above is two of my new year resolution to resolve with my NLP knowledge and skill that I have possess in 2018. Year 2019 is going to be my 2019 Breakthrough Year for Peace of Mind.

Thank You 2018 for all the moments regardless of happy or unhappy. And welcome 2019 to my life.