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Self Control: iflix with Unifi have come out with a promotion whereby unifi customers can access to iFLIX for 12 months and it is Free of Charge. This was since mid December 2015. You can read tm announcement here.

I saw this promotion since two weeks ago and I have installed the iflix apps in my mobile, it have many TV drama series and movies but do not have the latest drama / movies. But it is only RM 8 per month for those want to subscribe after the free period. Compare to NetFlix, which offers more latest drama / movies with higher subscription fees range from RM 33 to RM 51 (Basic Rm 33, Standard RM 42, Premium RM 51).

Since the day I started iflix, I have been chasing The Vampire Diaries series. Iflix have 6 seasons and I have finished 2 seasons as at yesterday. I have been telling myself, I got to control this as it have taken up much of my precious time whereby I can use it to improve my knowledge in trading. At the end, I could not control it as it is like a poison to me. ha ha.

The conclusion is, since I cannot control myself well, the best solution is to uninstall it. And I will stop watching iflix as at today. 🙂