Goal Setting

There are many goal setting strategy and one of the common ones is the SMART which stand for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely. Today I am going to share with you is the SMSPDA which I learnt from Patterns of Excellence program by AKLTG which have an extra element is very important, the Purpose or I called it the “WHY”. Why the “WHY” is so important? You can read my previous blog post Find Your Why.

Specific: Spell out your goal in more specific
Measurable: How to you know you have achieve it? We need something that is measurable. Example: Weight to be 79kg.
Stretch: We set our goal based on our current capabilities, when we push it further and we will think of  a way.
Purpose: The why you want to achieve the goal
Dateline: When you need to achieve the goal
Action Plan: How to do it, what is your strategies and the action plans. Successful people take MASSIVE ACTIONS.

I have prepared a free Goal Setting Framework in google doc format with sample reference for your usage. You can fill it up, print it in A4 and stick to your wall.

Download here from google docs.