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Thank You Teach for Malaysia

Recently I have started a monthly donation to support Teach for Malaysia (TFM) in their mission to end education inequity. TFM believes that a child’s education and future should not be determined by his or her background. For me, personally, I feel that all children deserve a basic education and food. My small token of monthly contribution can empower 2 students with an excellent education. And children are our future leaders.

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Tax-exempt Donations in Malaysia

Tax-exempt Donations List

As at writing, below is the list of the organization where you can donate money with tax-exempt (*subject to change, check first before donate). Do some contribution to society or animals and at the same, you can get some tax-exempt every year during tax submission.

Unicef Malaysia

Unicef Malaysia has been around in our country for more than 60 years. UNICEF together with the Government and Malaysian to transform the lives of children across the country. Areas of assistance such as improvements in health, nutrition, water and sanitation, formal and informal education as well as welfare services for children in rural and poor urban areas.

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Finding Happiness by Wesley Wee

Wesley Wee

Wesley Wee - Finding Happiness
Wesley Wee

Wesley Wee, 39 from Singapore still go on with his life 💪 and even published a book “Finding Happiness” despite his disability. He is independence and selling tissue papers at Orchard Road to support himself. He has a very tough time during childhood and even attempted suicide for a few times. Today he is married, have published a book and have a dream to run his own business selling the shoe.

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2018 Contribution Journal

Below are to record my contribution for the year 2018. Contribution can be in the form of monetary, energy, time, care for others and as simple as a smile to someone. Let us make the world a better place to stay.

Week 01

  • On the road, there are three times where I stop by car to let either a person crossed the road or the car to cross to opposite road.
  • To offer help to my colleague without her asking, carry her parcel (box) down to the car park.
  • Said thanks and smile to the staff that served us at Nasi Kandar.
  • Find and fix knee support for my FIL as his knee will pain when walk. Hope that help, under monitoring.
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2017 Contributions

Everyone Deserve A Better Life, A Happy Life

Below are my contribution for year 2017

  1. Unicef Malaysia – MYR 50 on 24 January 2017
  2. Unicef Malaysia – MYR 100 on 06 May 2017
  3. Unicef Malaysia – MYR 100 on 21 October 2017
  4. Donated book to Yayasan Kanak Kanak Chow Kit thru Big Bad Wolf on 7th December 2017