• Money is Root of all Evil
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    Money is the Root of All Evil

    Childhood Belief I was listening to Jack Canfield’s YouTube about the 5 Things Keeping You from Wealth and Success in this morning when I am on my way to office. This is my usual morning ritual to utilize my time based on NET (No Extra Time) concept by Tony Robbins. The phrase of “Money is the Root of All Evil” catches my attention. And if you have this belief, then it is going to be a challenge to get wealthy. Why? Imagine, you are working so hard to build your wealth, but deep inside you that is this conflicting value / belief that money is the root of all evil.…

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  • Double Wastage
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    Double Wastage

    When We Waste Food I always believe that we should not waste food. There are times when we order too much food or buy some food with the thoughts of just in case we need to eat it later. At the end, it become a food wastage. To me, it is actually more than food wastage and I term it as Double Wastage. Unfinished food which also means money wasted. Imagine, we spent $10 to buy an extra plate of food and we did consume it at the end. So the $10 is wasted right, and the food too. We cannot 100% minimize the wastage of food but at least…

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  • Badminton Court
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    Commit by Schedule It

    Commit & Schedule It We have been wanted to play badminton as part of our exercise plan. The idea of it have pop up during our chat from time to time. And every time we will said lets do it over the weekend, either on Saturday or Sunday. But, nothing have been done after that. 😆 Two weeks ago, finally I reach the point that I myself could not tolerate anymore on it. I feel bad for not taking any action. And I remembered what I learnt from Tony Robbins’s RPM (Rapid Planning Method) thru the Life of Your Time training program. Things will not get done unless we COMMIT…

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  • Contribution Show Love
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    Be Kind to People is Free

    Be Kind To Others Today one of my friend from the admin / moderator group of Introvert Diaries asking us to draw a cat for her. I was saying that my drawing is like a small kid level. In fact I am not good in drawing because I never learnt it. I rarely draw, not to say draw for others is like I think never. Then I was thinking to myself why not, it is just a small gesture. Then I drew the below, LOL and shared it to them. She felt delighted and thankful. I am glad that I have make her smile 🙂 So be kind to others just…

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