Daily Trading Routine

Below is my daily trading routing which I will do 30 min to an hour before market open.

  1. Review the charts of all my open positions, and decide whether to raise Stop Loss or not.
  2. Review Pre-Market Checklist below
    • S&P 500, Nasdaq 100 Futures whether it is positive or negative. Based on my experience, if the futures is more +- 1%, then it is high probability that the market will be in red or green for the day. This will set my trading bias for the day.
    • Any key economic data announce that might move the market? If yes, then will wait after the report announced to see market reaction on the report before open any new position.
    • Options Expiration Day or FOMC Day? If yes, then i will not trade for the day.
  3. Scan for Swing Trading Setup opportunities with TOS Scan or Finviz.com, currently focus only on two setups. (*Need to master it before go to new setup)
    • Crouching Cougar
    • Sleeping Tiger

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