TD Ameritrade US and Asia Options Fees Comparison

Recently for those Malaysians with accounts in TD Ameritrade US have been instructed to either transfer their account to TD Ameritrade Asia which located in SG, with the fund and close the account or transfer it to another broker. I choose to transfer it to TD Ameritrade Asia, as I love the TOS platform.

On last week and this last Monday, I closed two of my positions which traded using options and I realized the fees charged to me is not according to what stated in TD Ameritrade Asia. I drop an email to the Help Desk, and they told me that as my account still set to match US’s options fees and I can choose to based on US or Asia fees for moving forwards.  I did some simple comparison of rates between TD Ameritrade US and Asia as per below, if we trade 3 contracts or less, then Asia rate is cheaper. For 4 contracts , the differences is negligible, and 5 contracts and above then US rate is much better.

I personally trade only 1 to 2 contracts, but in near future I will sure trade up to 3 to 5 contracts per trade, thus I decided to stick with US rate. This is my own preference.

Rate above as at 2016-12-13

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