Wise Quotes by Conrad Alvin Lim

Success comes to those who work at it the hardest and believe it the longest.

It is the humble person who is never afraid to lose knowing that there is more to gain after a loss without ever knowing how much more he could have gained.

As it is in driving, so is it in trading;
Break the rules and you’ll be punished.
Make a mistake and it will be very costly.
Take an unnecessary risk and the consequences will be tragic.

Having a bit of something is definitely better than nothing.

Never take your eyes off time-targets. What might seem like a good time to start trade, might be someone else’s good time to end a trade.

Above wise quotes are by Conrad Alvin Lim from The Pattern Trader.

My top favorite quote will be the first ones, to me everyone can achieve success if we work hard towards it and never stop. There is no shortcut in everything we want to achieve, it take time to build a strong base or foundation.

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