Meet Bryan K

Be Yourself. ​Be Adaptable. Be Resourcefulness.

Bryan K

When he was at younger age below 30, Bryan focused 100% into his career in the IT industry. He worked very hard for his employer and dedicated to his job. But, he was without a clear direction of what he really wanted for his life. And why he choose IT line is because IT courses were one of the popular courses beside Accounting and Business Admin after he finished his high school education.

At about 32 to 34 years old, some people called it mid age crisis and he started to felt boring with his job. He wanted to do something different and this is when he resigned from the IT industry and get into Real Estate and Insurance lines. With his personality of a bit shy, don’t ask questions in the class, dislike making cold calls due to fear of rejection, he did not really make a career as a Real Estate Agent and Insurance Agent. Even he was really hardworking as a real estate agent, and sometimes bringing clients to see houses the whole day. But the income is not stable, sometimes can be 0 and sometimes can be few thousands. Time was tough, the only ways that make sense to him at that time is to have a tight budget. He even got to pack a big portion of noodle and shared with his wife for dinner.

With his personality that prefers to be alone, doesn’t talk much with the exception of close friends where he will talk more. People around him started to label him as anti-social, shy and etc. One of the unhappy periods of him, he started to feel that he have problems. Until at age 38, he found one magic word that changes his life, he felt happy after that knowing that he is not alone. The Magic word is INTROVERT. He started to have interested to get to know more about it, he bought books, read articles from the internet and watch Youtube on that topic. Next, he joined the Facebook group that related to Introverts. One of the groups Introvert Diaries, eventually he was promoted as a Moderator and eventually the Admin.

He went back to the IT line after that and continue to work hard. He was promoted to be a Technical Manager and he worked for 4 years before he joined an MNC company as a technical consultant. The mid-age crisis came, he really doesn’t feel fulfilled at all from his job. This was when he started to find his WHY after inspired by FIND YOUR WHY book by Simon Sinek. He joined Patterns of Excellence workshop in Singapore, Unleash The Power Within by Tony Robbins and NLP Practitioner training by Ulysses Wang to get clarity and tools for personal and people mastery.

Fast forward today, Bryan is a life coach, author, trainer, #funnelhacker, and #introverthacker that lived his life with passion. His WHY in life is to help people moving forward to have a better and happier life. He adds values to peoples’ lives with his books, online training programs and coaching in the personal development niche. And most importantly, he doesn’t label himself as Introvert anymore. He is himself, unique and has skills to adapt to any situations.

“Never, Ever, Let Anyone Put A Label On You ~Bryan K”

Bryan now dedicated most of his time to help people like you to Be Yourself, Be Adaptable. He is also a Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Coach, Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practiotioner and a Firewalker.

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Bryan K’s Life Principles

Be Yourself

You are unique and stop putting a box/label on yourself. It is perfectly fine to be yourself, to be comfortable on your own skin.

Be Adaptable

The ability to adapt to changes in any situations and to expand yourself to meet the demands of the it at any moment.

Be Resourcefulness

Be in empowering state at the heart beat to control our destiny.