Contribution - way for ultimate happiness

2018 Contribution Journal

Below are to record my contribution for the year 2018. Contribution can be in the form of monetary, energy, time, care for others and as simple as a smile to someone. Let us make the world a better place to stay.

Week 01

  • On the road, there are three times where I stop by car to let either a person crossed the road or the car to cross to opposite road.
  • To offer help to my colleague without her asking, carry her parcel (box) down to the car park.
  • Said thanks and smile to the staff that served us at Nasi Kandar.
  • Find and fix knee support for my FIL as his knee will pain when walk. Hope that help, under monitoring.

Week 02

  • On the road, there is one time where I stop by car to let the car to cross to opposite road.
  • Stop the car to let people cross the road first.
  • Smile with a guy at parking and he returns a smile.
  • Offer help to the security guard to open door at B1 since I was going down to that level.
  • Donated RM50 to Mr. Lia and hope he will get well soon. More info about him here.

Week 03

  • Last week, there is a guy wanted to buy my friend’s Gold ticket to UPW2018 but already sold. Today saw people selling in the event page, so I shared the information with him.
  • On the road, there is a time where I stop by car to let either a person crossed the road or the car to cross to opposite road.
  • Find sim card adaptor for my colleague as he needs it and I have one.
  • Uploaded 2012 to 2016 seasonal data for Bear as a small contribution from me to the group.

Week 04

  • On the road, stop my car to let other car crossed first and people to cross the road.

Week 05

  • Lets the car come in front of me at toll
  • Lets the car crossed first and gave a smile to the driver, and she smiled back 😁
  • Say Good Morning to the staff at the toll booth and she replied the same.
  • Feedback to a member of Jack Canfield’s group when he asking people help to review his new website.
  • Feedback to a guy when I realized his website get hacked.

You can from the above that contribution does not mean only monetary. It can really as simple as just say Good Morning to someone. Show kindness and contribute back to society, and you will feel the difference.