2018 Resolution

This year, I am going to have resolution based on 6 aspects of my life.

The New Me Transformation


  1. To become a full-time Professional Trader
  2. To become internet marketer with one channel


  1. To get back to shape from 86 kg to 79 kg

Personal Development

  1. To certified as NLP practitioner by POE
  2. To understand and master Introversion
  3. To be an effective communicator


  1. To meet my mum at least twice a month
  2. To have more conversation with fil
  3. To maintain friendships with those closed ones


  1. To contribute to people at least once weekly
  2. To feel gratitude every day
  3. To share NLP knowledge with all introverts
  4. To be more patient and calm as a person


  1. To build back my saving
  2. To build an additional two multiple sources of income