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You Raise Me Up

You Raise Me Up by Josh Groban

When I am down, and, oh, my soul, so weary
When troubles come, and my heart burdened be
Then, I am still and wait here in the silence
Until you come and sit awhile with me

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Popular Warehouse Sales 2018 | Viva Homes

Books & Foods

It is back,  Popular Warehouse Sales 2018 at Viva Homes, Cheras. We went over today and spent about 2 hours browsing non-fiction books. The non-fiction book sections did not arrange accordingly, thus you need to really spend time to see slowly. I bought 4 books, 3 of it was from the sections that sell at RM 50 for 3 books. Another book, The Keys to Success by Jim Rohn is a new book with 25% off.

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Double Wastage

When We Waste Food

I always believe that we should not waste food. There are times when we order too much food or buy some food with the thoughts of just in case we need to eat it later. In the end, it becomes a food wastage. To me, it is actually more than food wastage and I term it as Double Wastage. Unfinished food that is not consumed which also means money wasted. Imagine, we spent $10 to buy an extra plate of food and we did not consume it at the end. So the $10 is wasted right, so do the food.

We cannot 100% minimize the wastage of food but at least we “TRY” our best not to over ordering. When we are having food on the table, at the same time and different place, there are people either don’t enough food or don’t have it at all at that moment.


Commit by Schedule It

Commit & Schedule It

We have been wanted to play badminton as part of our exercise plan. The idea of it has popped up during our chat from time to time. And every time we will say let us do it over the weekend, either on Saturday or Sunday. But, nothing has been done after that. 😆

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After Lunch Effects

Sleepy Effects from After Lunch Effects

Why do we feel sleepy after lunch? In fact, it is after food. It is all because of the food digestion process in our body and it takes up a lot of energy from us. This is the reason why we feel sleepy as we are low in energy. In order to prevent this sleepy effects after food, the trick is about food combination. Food combination of carbs and proteins are bad because both required different type of digestion which one is acidic and the other ones are alkaline. As you know, acidic and alkaline will neutralize each other thus it makes our body work even harder to digest the food, and it will take hours.

Food Combination

If you really cannot avoid not eating protein or carbs, then just don’t combine it into 1 meal. You can mix proteins + vegetables or carbs +
vegetables. Today, I was having vegetables only for lunch and to my surprised, I did not feel sleepy at all till the end of the day.

Lets start eat more properly and stay healthy!