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Recommended SSL Web Hosting

Web Hosting with Free SSL

Recently we wanted to have a new hosting as our current web hosting have almost reached the limit. Plus with the changes in the SEO arena, SSL is now one of the factors to be considered. It is not cheap to have SSL for every website with our current hosting thus we are looking out for another hosting plan on top of the current ones. Our current hosting is with Hostmonster from the US which is good and reliable. We have been with them for about 10 years.

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Be Kind to People is Free

Be Kind To Others

Today one of my friend from the admin/moderator group of Introvert Diaries asking us to draw a cat for her. I was saying that my drawing is like a small kid level. In fact, I am not good at drawing because I never learned it. I rarely draw, not to say draw for others is like I think never. Then I was thinking to myself why not, it is just a small gesture. Then I drew the below, LOL and shared it to them. She felt delighted and thankful. I am glad that I have made her smile 🙂

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Tax-exempt Donations in Malaysia

Tax-exempt Donations List

As at writing, below is the list of the organization where you can donate money with tax-exempt (*subject to change, check first before donate). Do some contribution to society or animals and at the same, you can get some tax-exempt every year during tax submission.

Unicef Malaysia

Unicef Malaysia has been around in our country for more than 60 years. UNICEF together with the Government and Malaysian to transform the lives of children across the country. Areas of assistance such as improvements in health, nutrition, water and sanitation, formal and informal education as well as welfare services for children in rural and poor urban areas.

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How to Increase Your Energy

Important of Energy

Most of us will have some sort of goals in our life that we want to pursue. One of the goal-setting strategies that you can read online is the S M A R T. In Patterns of Excellence, we are using S M S P D A which stand for Specific, Measurable, Stretch, Purpose, Dateline and Action Plan. We set a specific and measurable goal, define the WHY or purpose, set a dateline and prepare the Action Plan. Then you will take massive actions to achieve our goal. And there is one more element on top of all these and without it, it is going to be very challenging to chase our goal. The element is ENERGY. Imagine, if we have a good goal and strategy on how to achieve it but without energy, how are we going to take massive actions every day. Everything that we do require energy.

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Finding Happiness by Wesley Wee

Wesley Wee

Wesley Wee - Finding Happiness
Wesley Wee

Wesley Wee, 39 from Singapore still go on with his life 💪 and even published a book “Finding Happiness” despite his disability. He is independence and selling tissue papers at Orchard Road to support himself. He has a very tough time during childhood and even attempted suicide for a few times. Today he is married, have published a book and have a dream to run his own business selling the shoe.

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