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    The 3R of Internet Marketing

    The 3R Factors in Internet Marketing In Digital Marketing, you need to align the 3R in order to make a sales in whatever products / services you are selling. RIGHT OFFER RIGHT AUDIENCE / MARKET RIGHT TIMING  

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  • US Yield Curve
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    US Yields Curve May 2018

    Flattening Yield Curve I just updated the Yield Curve based on latest data as at 4th May 2018. Latest yield curve seem flattening to me, means medium term fear in the market. Looking at the SPY, ETF that tracked S&P500  which find hard time to break above MA 50 and it look like in consolidation stage right now.

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    Online Marketing Ecosystem by Fabian Lim

    Online Marketing Ecosystem by Fabian Lim Here’s what you’ll learn in this video to give you an idea on how to earn income from digital marketing. Good for beginner to kick start the journey. And Fabian Lim is one of the well known Digital Marketing Guru and also expert in SEO and SEM. The UNIVERSAL Success Formula Important Online Traffic Channels Common Online Business Models Online Monetization Strategies 5 Critical Success Factors Below are the books by Fabian Lim, you can click the image to go to Kinokuniya for more information.  

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    Affiliate Marketing with Involve Asia

    Wealth Creation with Digital Marketing Affiliate Marketing with Involve Asia First of all, you might wonder who is Involve Asia? You might already know what is Affiliate Marketing all about and the famous platforms such as ClickBank, Commission Junction and etc. Who is Involve Asia Involve Asia is a content advertising platform that helps online publishers make money from their websites and followers by automating the affiliate marketing process by recommending products and deals their users love. Involve Asia with headquarter in Menara MBMR, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia was launched in year 2014 and currently is the largest e-commerce affiliate network in Southeast Asia with more than 550 merchants in 20…

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    Flattening Yield Curve

    Flattening Yield Curve The term structure of interest rates and the direction of the yield curve can be used to judge the overall credit market environment. A flattening of the yield curve means longer-term rates are falling in comparison to short-term rates, which could have implications for a recession. Source:¬†investopedia.com I have been tracking the yield curve from time to time, and it is getting flattening. One of the warning sign ahead, and as US market are still consider uptrend for now but I will proceed with caution for any long entry. Another comparison that I will track will be the 10 Years Yields vs Fed. Fund Rate. Normally, 10…

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