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Happy Is Easy Book

Do you have options? Happy or Unhappy

Happy Is A Choice

I still remembered few years back when I was in my NLP Practitioner certification workshop in Singapore, the team coach asked me why my rules to Happy is so difficult. At that time, my rule is in order for me to feel happy, I need to see someone else happy.

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Tummy Talks – Malaysian Food Guide 2013

Tummy Talks Malaysian Food Guide
My 1st Self-Published Book with Kindle

Nothing unites people as easily as food. Malaysia is blessed with a hot pot of culture which brings along with it a rich variety of food from Malay Satay to Indian Chapatti, Thai Tom Yum to Italian Spaghetti. Despite their origins, one thing for certain is that its taste is unique to Malaysia as the recipes have all been enhanced through the years to suit the taste buds of Malaysians. Go anywhere in the world and you would never find something that tastes exactly as what you would find in Malaysia.

Tummy Talks
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