Life of a Full time Trader

Feel & Taste Your Compelling Future

Power of Visualization

The power of visualization, something that I learned from Patterns of Excellence and Unleash the Power Within (UPW) workshop in Singapore. When we create our compelling future, most of the time we have to visualize, feel and taste it inside us. It is going to create pleasure in us and this is the Pull Factor. Some of you might be heard of Push Factor, which we will use pain in this case. This is another topic for another day.

Something new that I learned from UPW was really very powerful to my opinion. The example given was assumed a person has a dream house, so go to rent it and stayed for 6 months. And the person will get all the good feeling & pleasure which become a strong pull factor.

Today as I am still on leave, and now I am sitting in a nice garden doing the work I love while waiting for my wife. This is the life of a full-time Trader. I am feeling it right now, this is going to be my compelling future. : )