Find Your Why

My first book to read in the new 2018 year is ” Find Your Why”. I have a great feeling in 2018, I feel it is going to be a meaningful and purposeful year where I am going to transform and start a new me. Why? Because I need to achieve my set goals and meet my emotional needs of Happy. I also want everyone to be Happy.

WHY is very important and the WHY need to be something emotional instead of logical answers. The WHY is the fuel for us to TAKE ACTION, to GET UP BACK when life is shaky and to feel MOTIVATED every day.

A goal gives us DIRECTION to move towards, How is the STRATEGY on how to move towards the goal and WHY is the Fuel that moves us towards the goal.

With the only GOAL without the WHY, that is the reason that many people at the end never achieve it and the goal left just a dream.

And if your goals are something you wish to, then most probably it will become just a wish. Unless it is a MUST, then you will Do Whatever It Take. Thus, be careful of the words selection to use. When we use MUST vs Wish, it gives different power to us and our powerful brain reacts differently words.

What do you feel about the two sentences below? Which ones more empowering?

I WISH to get slim.

I MUST get slim.

Isn’t that MUST give us more power.

In the year 2018, let’s make this year something meaningful and purposeful. Set our WHY, GOAL, HOW and make it a MUST.

Happy New Year 2018 and get yourself the book here from Kinokuniya, it is worth your investment.

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