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Do you have options? Happy or Unhappy

Happy Is A Choice

I still remembered few years back when I was in my NLP Practitioner certification workshop in Singapore, the team coach asked me why my rules to Happy is so difficult. At that time, my rule is in order for me to feel happy, I need to see someone else happy.

Last time, whenever I am not happy or in the time of feeling not right or boring, then I will buy something for myself. It can be a Sony Xperia smartphone, it can be camera lens and etc. But the joy of having the new gadgets just last for perhaps 2 days. Then things back to normal, back to square. Then I realized whenever I bought something for others, for my love ones, and I see their smile and I feel the joy, the happy for much longer times. After that, this become my rule of Happy. Isn’t it hard for me to feel happy? I need to depends on an external factor (others people) for my own happiness.

As what my team coach told me at that time, happy can be very easy. It is about the rules, and the rules need to be internal factor that I can control of. In fact, I can already can fell happy whenever there is a food on my table, I am still breathing and my current rule for happy is as long as I become a better version of myself. That is the reason I love personal development so much.

The book is written with one main objective that you as the reader will able to finish reading it. That why I keep the number of pages below 100 and for this particular book Happy Is Easy, the paperback is only 66 pages in total. The contents are written in an easy to understand ways and for you to take actions.

Preview Of What You’ll Learn

  • Make a Decision
  • Current and Ideal Life
  • Change State
  • Give Up
  • The Power of Reframing
  • Happy Chemicals
  • Personal Growth
  • Practice Gratitude
  • Giving Back
  • Daily Ritual

Preview Of What You’ll Become

WHAT IF you make a firm decision to have a happier life, what will your life be?

WHAT IF you have the strategies to turn your life around to be happier, what will your life be?

And I would like to congratulate you for taking action to improve your life to be better and happier. As you are reading this, I know that you value happiness, you want to have a happier life just like all of us. You know as well as I do that happiness is your ultimate outcome. What is a HAPPY LIFE means for you……………………..?

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