How To Have A Happy Life and Forget The Unhappy Past Experiences So 
You Can Avoid Living In The Sadness
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Happy Is Easy (Revised Edition)
How To Be HAPPY In Life With 14 Simple Strategies That Work Even When You Are Sad
What Is This Awesome Book About?
Happy Is Easy is a book about how to be HAPPY in Life with 14 Simple Strategies that work even when you are sad. In the book, the author shared the strategies that he personally used to improve his state of mind to be happy in a short and long term. The good news is, it is easy to be happy because happiness is a state of mind and we can influence it.
And it is perfectly fine to feel unhappy at times because we are human beings. But we have to make sure it is only for a short term. With the simple strategies outlined in the book, you can apply some of it to feel happy, and empowering yourself to move forward.

AWESOME! This book is designed to make it quick and easy for you to learn and apply it. I want you to feel happy and I want you to be able to finish the book. With less than 100 pages, and it come with 7 Week Workbook (value at $5.70) to guide you along *while stock last. You are getting two free books for this special limited offer.
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Here's What You'll Learn From This Simple, Actionable Yet Amazing Book:
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  • Find Your Why - your driving force - page 15
  • Mindset Shift - Start believing that it is possible - page 19
  • Close the Gap between your current and ideal life - page 21
  • The fastest way to change your mood is by Changing State - page 25
  • Four things to Give Up and Two things not to Give Up - Page 34
  • Rules - is it internal or external? - page 45 
  • Changing the meaning of any situation with the Power of Reframing - page 47
  • Leverage on your four new best friends that are responsible for your Happy State - page 51
  • Personal Growth = Happiness - page 58
  • Daily Ritual - Create one for yourself - page 77
  • 3X Bonus Strategies - page 84
  • Event (E) + Response (R) = Outcome (O) - page 89
 Here's What Other People Are Saying:
Bryan really proves that being happy is easy until you can just understand how to be happy in just a thin book. Happy is Easy is not one those long and complicated self-help books that you have to drag yourself to read. Bryan K has written it in a way where it is very straight forward, short, simple and easy to understand (and also funny). It is good for high school students like me who don’t have loads of time to read but want to understand how to be happy. 

Zhang En, Shah Alam Malaysia
I have been unhappy at work, and Happy Is Easy was given to me as a gift by my BFF. The 10 strategies are simple to follow – who would have thought it’s that easy to be happy in life?  The exercise provided also helped me to take a deep dive to understand why I was in that unhappy state of mind, and how I can be happier. I would recommend this book if you’re looking for an easy-and-simple reading to achieve that happiness in life!

Ling, Bangkok Thailand
Happy is Easy is a simple book to understand. Reminding us that Happy is indeed a choice. A good book for training/seminar/workshop purpose.

Eve, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

"Wish I’d found this book earlier!"
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