Happy Is Easy (Updated)
How to be Happy in Life with Simple Strategies That Work Even When You Are Sad
Bryan K
Certified in:
Licensed Practitioner of NLP
Certified Practitioner of NLP
Certified Master Practitioner of NLP
The Trainers' Trainer, Coaches' Coach
Certified NLP Coach
The Trainers' Trainer, Coaches' Coach
Certified Master NLP Coach
Who Is Bryan K?
Bryan K started working at age of 17 and has worked his way up to a professional career in IT. He has dabbled in various careers including being a waiter, real estate agent, insurance agent and more recently as an IT Professional for more than a decade. 

He has amassed a tremendous amount of experience and knowledge during his participation in the Pattern of Excellence program, among them are the Swinging Log, Steel Rod and Leap of Faith. He also recently participated in walking on hot coals during the Unleashed the Power Within program by Tony Robbins. 

His WHY in life is to help people progress in their life so that they can have a better and happier life. And one of the way (HOW) is to publish books and infoproducts to reach out to many people.
Bryan is also the admin & moderator of one of the biggest Facebook Introvert Group called Introvert Diaries with close to 150,000 members. 

He is a Certified NLP Practitioner by the Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming™ and ABNLP. And a Certified NLP Coach under Ulysses Wang.
My Books
My passion is in the personal development niche because I believe in order for us to achieve our goals, we need to master our emotions and inner world. And personal development strategies like NLP will help us to move forward in life to have a better and happier life. My first book on personal development is Happy Is Easy. By maintaining a happy life, it will definitely help us to move forward.
 Happy Is Easy Revised Edition (Free Book)
 Happy Is Easy
 Tummy Talks
Products You Need
Not all people love reading, some of us love learning thru a video as it is more effective. To move forward in your life, we need to equip ourselves with life skills to master our emotion and inner world. And I am here to help you with these awesome infoproducts with a good offer. I want to see you succeed.
 Happy Is Easy 7 Week Challenge
 Happy Is Easy Tutorial
 How To Stay Motivated Anytime Anywhere
Best Resources
Do you want to know what tools I personally use and what resources that helped me along the way in building my infoproducts and so on? There are a long list but I have selected only those that I believe in.
"Bryan really proves that being happy is easy until you can just understand how to be happy in just a thin book."
Happy is Easy is not one those long and complicated self-help books that you have to drag yourself to read. Bryan K has written it in a way where it is very straight forward, short, simple and easy to understand (and also funny). It is good for high school students like me who don’t have loads of time to read but want to understand how to be happy.
- Zhang En, Figure Skating Athlete
Bryan K - Testimonial by Ling
"The 10 strategies are simple to follow."
I have been unhappy at work, and Happy Is Easy was given to me as a gift by my BFF. The 10 strategies are simple to follow – who would have thought it’s that easy to be happy in life? The exercise provided also helped me to take a deep dive to understand why I was in that unhappy state of mind, and how I can be more happy. I would recommend this book if you’re looking for easy-and-simple reading to achieve that happiness in life!“
Ling, Blogger ~ notyourtypicaltourist.com
"Wish I’d found this book earlier."
I read plenty of book about happiness, and always put them down halfway through the book. ‘Happy Is Easy’ is different – as though the writing is done to make reading easy. It also comes with exercise that I can put into practice. If I knew that reading and being happy is that easy with just 10 simple strategies, I wouldn’t have waited until now. Wish I’d found this book earlier. 
Pravich, Street Photographer
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