How I Motivate Myself for Exercise

The Technique to Motivate Me for Exercise

After I graduated from Patterns of Excellence (POE) and back to Kuala Lumpur,  I have been on my treadmill for 30 mins daily. I used to drag myself for exercise, keep given excuses like tired, wait for tomorrow and etc. During the POE, one of the exercises is about the 6 aspects of life. Prior to the exercise, health is never one of my priority. To my very surprise, during the exercise, I started to realize Health should be and must be our first priority. We need to be healthy, fit and enough stamina to go after our goals.  Thus, I am using the Pain and Pleasure technique (one of the NLP concept) to motivate myself.

My daily 30 mins exercise last me for 2 months and during the period, I managed to reduce my weight by 2 to 3 kg : ) Then in October 2017, sometimes happened in my family and start to slow down in exercise and eventually stop exercising every day, or it is very casual. Then sometimes only on the treadmill for 10 mins and so on. This year, the NEW ME and one of my goal are to improve my health and get back to shape. For the past 2 weeks, I was doing stretching (light exercise) in the morning, and night time running my treadmill only for 10 minutes. But my weight gain 1 kg for each week, which means by now I am 2kg extra :p

Thus, if I am going to continue my current strategy and expect a different result, it is called insane.  LOL. Since my strategy does not give me the result I wanted, thus from today I have changed my strategy back to 30 mins on the treadmill. And YES I have just done it today. How I motivate myself again, Yes with the Pain and Pleasure technique.

Pain & Pleasure

What make us take action? Basically, it is about Pain and Pleasure. Human will move away from Pain and move towards Pleasure. So the secret is to just associate/link pleasure by exercising and pain by not exercising. Previously, exercise to me is a pain because I rarely exercise, thus every time I exercise and then my body (especially leg) will feel pain and during the workout also I feel tired. Compare to I come back to him, and lay down on my bed to watch Youtube and it give me so much pleasure.  In this case, of course, I will go towards what gives me the pleasure and that is for sure not exercising. : )

Thus, what I did is to create a new association to exercise. I love to watch a movie, and I have set a rule that I can only watch during exercise. This is my new pleasure association to exercise. Pain that I associated by not exercising is my health and I might go to the other side of the world earlier than my family. And to me, the ones that live longer and see the loved ones go away going to be a very painful experience. And I will rather be the ones that go thru the painful experience by live longer than my loved ones.

So for you, if you also keep procrastinating on exercising, start TAKE ACTION NOW and associated Pain and Pleasure on exercising. Cheers!

Pain & Pleasure NLP