maintain energy

How to Increase Your Energy

Important of Energy

Most of us will have some sort of goals in our life that we want to pursue. One of the goal-setting strategies that you can read online is the S M A R T. In Patterns of Excellence, we are using S M S P D A which stand for Specific, Measurable, Stretch, Purpose, Dateline and Action Plan. We set a specific and measurable goal, define the WHY or purpose, set a dateline and prepare the Action Plan. Then you will take massive actions to achieve our goal. And there is one more element on top of all these and without it, it is going to be very challenging to chase our goal. The element is ENERGY. Imagine, if we have a good goal and strategy on how to achieve it but without energy, how are we going to take massive actions every day. Everything that we do require energy.

How To Improve Your Energy

The Quality of Life is dependent upon the quality of the life of your cells Maximizing your overall health and energy requires that your body receiving receives the optimum ingredients for ensuring health on a cellular level. By Tony Robbins

Maintain a healthy cell by the following ways:

  1. Daily breathing exercise
    Do it for 3 times a day, each time breathing in and out for 10 repetitions. Breathing method is to inhale for one count, hold for four counts and exhale for two counts. For myself, I am doing my breathing exercise once in the morning, afternoon and night.
  2. Daily Aerobic Exercise
    The level of intensity of heart rate is a major factor in determining the exercise is aerobic or not. A good example of aerobic exercises such as walking, skiing, biking, swimming, and dancing.
    Start your aerobic exercise with the correct heart rate based on your age and start with a warm-up for 5 mins, aerobic exercise for 30 mins and cool-down for 5 mins.
    Aerobic Warm-up / Cool-down
    Ideal heart rate is 60% X Maximum Heart Rate
    Aerobic Training
    Ideal heart rate is  180 –  Your Age. Example, age 40, then the ideal heart rate is 180 – 40 = 140 aerobic training rate to calculate your maximum heart rate is 220 – Your Age.
  3. Lymphasizing
    Rebounding is a true cellular exercise for cleansing cell.
  4. Food intake
    Make sure it is 70% of the diet is made up of water-rich foods such as Iceberg lettuce, watermelon, carrots, broccoli, oranges, apples and etc.
  5. Drink sufficient plain water

The trampoline I used at home for lymphasizing exercise.

Another important exercise that you can do to maintain health is structural alignment exercise. Every day I am doing this exercise guided by Brian from Egoscue below.