Malaysia Emergency Numbers Apps

Recently I found one very useful local apps for us, the Malaysian. This apps that seem no use to us on a normal day, but it will be very very useful during an emergency. I give you an example: you lost your wallet, what are the first few things you will think of?

  1. Inform family
  2. Make a police report
  3. Call all banks to cancel your card (credit card, ATM)

Call ALL the banks, then you got to either Google for it, or refer to bank statement for contact no, etc. BUT with this Malaysia Emergency Numbers app which runs on the Android platform, I can just go to the Bank menu and it will give me the contacts of all the banks. Just tap on it, it will open up the Dialer for me. : )

Below is the list of emergency numbers categories in the apps. I like this app because it is very detailed, like in Police Menu, it will break into states and for some bigger states then will break into the city.

Malaysia Emergency Numbers Menu

Click here to view or download the useful Malaysia Emergency Numbers app.