Money is Root of all Evil

Money is the Root of All Evil

Childhood Belief

I was listening to Jack Canfield’s YouTube about the 5 Things Keeping You from Wealth and Success in this morning when I am on my way to the office. This is my usual morning ritual to utilize my time based on NET (No Extra Time) concept by Tony Robbins.

The phrase “Money is the Root of All Evil” catches my attention. And if you have this belief, then it is going to be a challenge to get wealthy. Why? Imagine, you are working so hard to build your wealth, but deep inside you, that is this conflicting value/belief that money is the root of all evil. It is a roadblock because the action does not congruent with your value/belief.

We must remove this belief about money and I will reframe the phrase to below.

“Money is the Root of All Evil only If Use For the Wrong Reason ~ Bryan K”