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Inflation this year, GST near year

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I went to repair my puncture car tyre this morning. The mechanic pulls out a nail out of it and repair it for me. All settled in just 10 minutes. And I took out a RM 5 note from my wallet and pass to him. Then he told it is RM 6. RM 1 sound like not a big amount, but in term of percentage it is 20% increased.

Then I went to my usual breakfast place at a coffee shop and ordering my favourite noodle and teh ais. The priced also increased, the noodle used to be RM 4.50 and now it is RM 4.80, teh ais is now RM 2.

Another year to go, 2015 and we will have to pay GST is most of the items and services we purchase. 6%, so the service to repair puncture tyre will be RM 6 + 6% which come to RM 6.36

Is it also means min. inflation rate for year 2015 will be at least 6%?  This have not factor in yearly inflation rate yet. OMG!

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