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Thank You Teach for Malaysia

Recently I have started a monthly donation to support Teach for Malaysia (TFM) in their mission to end education inequity. TFM believes that a child’s education and future should not be determined by his or her background. For me, personally I feel that all children deserve a basic education and food. My small token of monthly contribution can empowers 2 students with an excellent education. And children is our future leaders.

As at writing, so far total donations collected is Rm 730,000 and 58,400 students helped and their goal is to achieve RM 1 million. Beside monetary, you can also offer yourself to join the fellowship. If you would like to donate for their cause, can go here. And the donation is entitled to personal income tax relief. You can check here for more tax exempt donations.

And lastly, I would like to send my gratitude to TFM for sending me this gift pack (as per featured image) that consists of a nice t-shirt and some postcards made by the student.

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