Networking for Introverts

Networking for Introverts by Brian Tracy

Networking for Introverts Tips

7 Tips by Brian Tracy

  1. Prepare ahead of time
    Preparing how you are going to open conversation, what questions to ask and mentally prepared yourself.
  2. Find a buddy to go with you
    Go with a buddy that you are comfortable with, it will ease your nerve. If your buddy is an extrovert, then he can fill the gaps in the conversation.
  3. Smile
    Give a better impression to others even before you talk.
  4. Set goals
    Set the goal of why you want to go for networking and what you want to achieve. If you treat it as a task then it will move you as you need to accomplish the tasks
  5. Think of yourself as being welcome
    The person might also feel nervous and uncomfortable when the first meetup, how grateful are them if you walk over to them and start the conversation first.
  6. Stay in the moment
    When you strike a conversation with a person, focus on them and ask questions instead of thinking on how to talk to the next person
  7. Pick the right event
    Focus and pick the event that you have a better chance of success for a beginning.

Bryan’s Experience:

Sometimes when I have no choice but to go for some gathering, I will always find a buddy that I am comfortable with. And my buddy will know that I am a quiet person and he understands me. And I will feel more relaxed with my buddy than being alone as I knew I got someone to talk to. And my buddy will also talk a lot as he is an ambivert. And a smile is always my first reaction when I meet other people. A smile will make me feel relax too. As I don’t talk much, then I will pay attention and listen to what other people have to say, and chip in a few words whenever I can. People will respect us as we pay attention to them. And one of the ways I use is to ask questions about him /her. The benefits are the person will feel good to talk about themselves and this reduces the times that I need to talk : )

Others time when related to work, I have no choice but to go for a meeting. If the meeting requires me to be playing an active role, then I will start preparing myself of what I want to achieve from the meeting, what I want to say and need to ask. I will write down all these in my book. Then during the meeting, I am very clear what I need to do and talk. And a smile is something I always did. “Smile and say Hi”

May 5th, 2019 updates: I do not put a label on myself and others anymore. Yes, I do have characteristics that similar to Introvert. But I am not an introvert, I am myself, I am unique.