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One Funnel Away Challenge Unboxing & Review

OFAC Unboxing

What is The One Funnel Away Challenge?

Is it worth your time and money? A lot of people including myself feel this is the best $100 spend for training with a LIVE coaching call in the 30 days challenge. At the end of the challenge, you will come out with your own working funnel and what does this mean to you?

Official site at One Funnel Away Challenge to either know more about OFAC or sign-up.

I have joined the April 2019 OFAC challenge with 4.1K members from different countries. The pre-training week was finished this week and next Monday, it is the start of Day 1 mission of building the funnel. The pre-training week is all about Beliefs. The 5 days training was awesome to remove our fears and to build a new belief in us.

Russell Brunson inspired me a lot and he made me see the possibilities of building a sustainable income online. I have been wanted to have multiple sources of incomes and I did many things such as stock investment/trading, selling stuff online such as books at the marketplace, did some blogging to get some Adsense income and others. Even though I am doing multiple things at the same time, I didn’t really make a breakthrough.

Then I read the Expert Secret book (free book, I just paid for shipping) by Russell Brunson, and the book inspired me a lot. And he did an awesome job in writing the book, full of values and golden nuggets. After that, I started to follow him on social media, watch his video on Youtube and I tell myself, this is the One Thing that going to change my life.

And I sign-up for the OFA Challenge and tell myself to trust the process. I like the action workbook because it give me a step by step system together with daily video training by Russell Brunson and its team and LIVE coaching call by Stephen Larsen. It is like a guided challenge with the FB group for support and meet other people that have joined the challenge. It is awesome.

30 Days OFA Challenge Scope

Pre-Training Week – Belief
Week #1 – Hook, Story, Offer
Week #2 – Your Hooks and Stories
Week #3 – The Funnel
Week #4 – Make It Rain
Week #5 – Post Training – The next 90 days

Who Is It For?

IF you currently have a business either online or offline
IF you are a coach or trainer
IF you have an information product
IF you are a blogger focusing on Affiliates incomes
IF you are doing B2B lead generation
IF you are an Agency / Freelancer
IF you are a network marketer

THEN you can utilize the power of the Click Funnels and One Funnel Away Challenge is a very good training cum coaching that you must attend. Plus, it is only $100.

Visit the official site One Funnel Away Challenge to understand more about OFAC and for sign-up.

One Funnel Away Challenge
It is only $100 now

WHAT IF you can build a new stream of income after the OFAC?
WHAT IF you can increase your current income stream after OFAC?

What does the new income means to you……?

Will you take ACTION to move yourself towards the new possibilities?

Check out the official site One Funnel Away Challenge to understand more before sign-up.

You are One Funnel Away…. ~Russell Brunson

PS: Another very important factor to make the funnel success is the traffic (visitor to your funnel). In week 4, it will cover only 3 types of traffic.