Petaling Street Portuguese Grill

I used to remember when I was in secondary school, sometimes we were going down to Petaling Street to have grill fish in aluminum foil. We will drink plenty of sugar cane, like the grilled fish with chili (belacan) is quite spicy. Our all-time favorite is the grill stingray fish. Beside stingray, we will order grill squid and clam.

Yesterday night when I was in Kepong area, I saw a stall that selling the Petaling Street Portuguese Grill at the food court next to old Carrefour hypermarket. I am not sure whether it is the same as Petaling Street, but it could be. So I have ordered the grilled stingray with white rice. The grilled stingray is RM 9.50 and a plate of white rice is RM 1. When have rice with the chili (belacan), it is really yummy. The stingray fish is quite good but I feel it is a bit overcooked. : )

This is how the stall look like
This is how the stall look like
It it grilled using aluminium foil
Yummy Grill Stingray with belacan