Recommended SSL Web Hosting

Recommended SSL Web Hosting

Web Hosting with Free SSL

Recently we wanted to have a new hosting as our current web hosting have almost reached the limit. Plus with the changes in the SEO arena, SSL is now one of the factors to be considered. It is not cheap to have SSL for every website with our current hosting thus we are looking out for another hosting plan on top of the current ones. Our current hosting is with Hostmonster from the US which is good and reliable. We have been with them for about 10 years.

In the research of hosting that comes with basic free SSL at the end, we shortlisted two which are SiteGround and ExaBytes. SiteGround is a US-based hosting whereby Exabytes is a local based in Malaysia. In the end, we decided to go for Exabytes Ebiz Plus which come with features like can host up to 10 websites, free SSL, free backup and free domain privacy protection.

So far it has been a month of using Exabytes and we have 5 websites hosted in there. Things are so far so good and when we need technical support from them like installing an SSL cert, their support is fast.

We personally recommended Exabytes if you prefer a local hosting because of the good support which is very important, free SSL and affordable price. If you prefer US hosting and do not need SSL, then you can consider Hostmonster else SiteGrounds is another good choice if you need SSL.

5/5/2019 Updates: as at writing, Hostmonster had include SSL as part of the hosting plan.

Disclaimer: The link to the hosting is with my affiliate links but we recommended them because we believe in them and we are the satisfied customer of both Hostmonster and Exabytes.