Rules to be Happy

Rules to be Happy

How to Feel Happy

I am Bryan here and today I want to share with everyone on one of my own story about how to feel happy. Previously, it is quite hard for me to feel happy. Whenever I was down or low in motivation, then I will go buy something for myself. When I received the item then I will feel very happy but maybe for a day or perhaps less than a day. I remembered got once I bought myself an Asus tablet running on Android. I feel excited and joy when the tablet arrived, unboxed it and then start playing with it. Then very fast the joy and happy feeling over and it back to the usual me.

Sometimes, I will buy a gift for the people that I love and give them a surprise. The smile and joy on their face make my day a better one. I felt happier and the feeling last much longer compared to I buy something for myself. Then buying a gift for others become one of the ways that I can feel happy. But of course I am not every day buying things for people : )

Till last year during Patterns of Excellence workshop, my team coach Richard told me and asked me why my rules to be happy is so difficult. And it is an external factor (when see others happy then I feel happy). We cannot control the external factor and also means my feeling of happiness is out of my control. That why it is so hard for me to feel happy. From that experience, it makes me realized that I need to change my rules on how to feel happy. My rules need to be internal and something that I can control.

Example of rules that within my control
1. As long as I got food on my table every day, I can already feel happy.
2. I am still alive and breathing at this month, I can already feel happy.
3. Smile to people every day and say Good Morning to my colleagues.

After the workshop over and I have changed all my rules on how to feel happy and till now I am a HAPPY guy : )

And I truly believe that HAPPY is a CHOICE! And the good news is we have the Power to Choose.

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