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How To Get Raise in Salary

Get Raise in Salary by Creating Value

It is very common that staffs want to have salary increment every year and in a certain percentage raise. When the company does not give increment or the increment is too little, then some of the staffs will start to talk about, gossip about it and so on. Of course, we under the employment, what are we looking at is the extra money to bring home, to have a better life for ourselves and family. There is nothing wrong with it.

Today, let me share with you one of the theories that I have on salary increment.

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Stagnant Means Game Over

“Everything you want is just outside your comfort zone.”

My LBG buddy was sharing this page of the book to me. The above quote is so true that we can only grow if stretch outside of comfort zone else it is status quo or stagnant which means game over in this fast pace decade. Everything change so fast nowadays, a company which is the market leader can be no one in the future if they do not adapt to the latest trend. A good example is Nokia, which used to be a market leader in the mobile phone industry. Today they are no one, today it is Apple and Samsung that is leading.

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