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    Petaling Street Portuguese Grill

    I used to remember when I was in secondary school, sometimes we were go down to Petaling Street to have grill fish in aluminium foil. We will drink plenty of sugar cane, as the grill fish with chili (belacan) is quite spicy. Our all time favorite is the grill stingray fish. Beside stingray, we will ordered grill squid and lala. Yesterday night when I was in Kepong area, I saw stall that selling the Petaling Street Portuguese Grill at the food court next to old Carefour hypermarket. I am not sure whether it is the same as Petaling Street, but it could be. So I have ordered the grill stingray…

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    Kuang Town

    Kuang is a town in the Gombak district of Selangor, Malaysia. Its main importance in older times was the starting of the railway branch to Batu Arang from the mainline of Malayan Railways. Today, Kuang’s main industry is cement distribution for the CIMA Company. There is a successful HS Nada cow farm located at Kampung Gombak. Kuang has one of the largest polo field in Asia. It was an important venue for polo during the Commonwealth Games in 1998. There is also a lake called Tasik Biru (Blue Lake), which is located at Seri Kundang. The Malaysia Bible Seminary is also located in Kuang. Kuang’s calm and peaceful surrounding attracts…

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