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Bo Kei Pan Mee at Taman Bukit Maluri

Childhood Pan Mee

I still remembered when I was young, perhaps a primary school that my sister’s boyfriend will always bring us to this Pan Mee stall at Taman Bukit Maluri, Kepong. It means this same Pan Mee stall has been around since at least 30 years. At that time, the boyfriend will order a big bowl of Pan Mee and give me some at my small bowl. I remembered it was tasty.

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Penang Mee Yoke (Prawn Noodle)

Restoran Woh at Bandar Sri Damansara

I still remembered when I was young, my dad always brings us to eat prawn noodle. It is so frequent that after I grow older, there was a period of time that I stopped eating prawn noodle. After a few years, the craze for prawn noodle coming back. Partly because I like spicy food, and I like the soup of the prawn noodle.

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Claypot Superior Soup Pan Mee (面粉糕)

One Six Eight Pan Mee Restaurant

One Six Eight Pan Mee is located at Aman Puri, Kepong and it is one of the favorite shops for pan mee among the locals. It has been quite a few years that I never go back to eat my favorite clay pot superior soup pan mee. What I like about their version of clay pot pan mee is the ingredients such as fish maw, clam, ham slices and abalone slices (I think it is not a real abalone, maybe it is vegetarian abalone). Those ingredients will make the soup tastier. Another thing I like about is the noodle is not the flat type, it is Min Fun Kueh. This was how my mum version too.

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Popular Warehouse Sales 2018 | Viva Homes

Books & Foods

It is back,  Popular Warehouse Sales 2018 at Viva Homes, Cheras. We went over today and spent about 2 hours browsing non-fiction books. The non-fiction book sections did not arrange accordingly, thus you need to really spend time to see slowly. I bought 4 books, 3 of it was from the sections that sell at RM 50 for 3 books. Another book, The Keys to Success by Jim Rohn is a new book with 25% off.

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Petaling Street Portuguese Grill

I used to remember when I was in secondary school, sometimes we were going down to Petaling Street to have grill fish in aluminum foil. We will drink plenty of sugar cane, like the grilled fish with chili (belacan) is quite spicy. Our all-time favorite is the grill stingray fish. Beside stingray, we will order grill squid and clam.

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