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After Lunch Effects

Sleepy Effects from After Lunch Effects

Why do we feel sleepy after lunch? In fact, it is after food. It is all because of the food digestion process in our body and it takes up a lot of energy from us. This is the reason why we feel sleepy as we are low in energy. In order to prevent this sleepy effects after food, the trick is about food combination. Food combination of carbs and proteins are bad because both required different type of digestion which one is acidic and the other ones are alkaline. As you know, acidic and alkaline will neutralize each other thus it makes our body work even harder to digest the food, and it will take hours.

Food Combination

If you really cannot avoid not eating protein or carbs, then just don’t combine it into 1 meal. You can mix proteins + vegetables or carbs +
vegetables. Today, I was having vegetables only for lunch and to my surprised, I did not feel sleepy at all till the end of the day.

Lets start eat more properly and stay healthy!

How to Increase Your Energy

Important of Energy

Most of us will have some sort of goals in our life that we want to pursue. One of the goal-setting strategies that you can read online is the S M A R T. In Patterns of Excellence, we are using S M S P D A which stand for Specific, Measurable, Stretch, Purpose, Dateline and Action Plan. We set a specific and measurable goal, define the WHY or purpose, set a dateline and prepare the Action Plan. Then you will take massive actions to achieve our goal. And there is one more element on top of all these and without it, it is going to be very challenging to chase our goal. The element is ENERGY. Imagine, if we have a good goal and strategy on how to achieve it but without energy, how are we going to take massive actions every day. Everything that we do require energy.

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Rules to be Happy

How to Feel Happy

I am Bryan here and today I want to share with everyone on one of my own story about how to feel happy. Previously, it is quite hard for me to feel happy. Whenever I was down or low in motivation, then I will go buy something for myself. When I received the item then I will feel very happy but maybe for a day or perhaps less than a day. I remembered got once I bought myself an Asus tablet running on Android. I feel excited and joy when the tablet arrived, unboxed it and then start playing with it. Then very fast the joy and happy feeling over and it back to the usual me.

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How To Condense Information

Condense Information

Pareto Principle or the 80/20 rule by economist Vilfredo Pareto who states that, for many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes.

With the same principle, 20% of the words in the book are called the keyword (nouns, verbs, adverbs, adjective) which give 100% of the meaning. The 80% non-keywords which contain 0% of the meaning. Non-keywords are the connecting words used to connect the keywords together.

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