• Rules to be Happy
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    Rules to be Happy

    How to Feel Happy I am Bryan here and today I want to share with everyone on one of my own story about how to feel happy. Previously, it is quite hard for me to feel happy. Whenever I was down or low in motivation, then I will go buy something for myself. When I received the item then I will feel very happy but maybe for a day or perhaps less than a day. I remembered got once I bought myself a Asus tablet running on Android. I feel excited and joy when the tablet arrived, unboxed it and then start playing with it. Then very fast the joy…

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  • Networking for Introverts
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    Networking for Introverts by Brian Tracy

    Networking for Introverts Tips 7 Tips by Brian Tracy Prepare ahead of time Preparing how you are going to open conversation, what questions to ask and mentally prepared yourself. Find a buddy to go with you Go with a buddy that you are comfortable with, it will ease your nerve. If your buddy is an extrovert, then he can fill the gaps in the conversation. Smile Give a better impression to others even before you talk. Set goals Set goal of why you want to go for the networking and what you want to achieve. It your treat it as a tasks then it will move you as you need…

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  • Life of a Full time Trader
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    Feel & Taste Your Compelling Future

    Power of Visualization The power of visualization, something that I learnt from Patterns of Excellence and Unleash the Power Within (UPW) workshop in Singapore. When we create our compelling future, most of the time we have to visualize, feel and taste it inside us. It is going to create pleasure in us and this is the Pull Factor. Some of you might heard of Push Factor, which we will use pain in this case. This is another topic for another day. Something new that I learnt from UPW was really very powerful to my opinion. The example given was assume a person have a dream house, so go to rent…

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    Bryan’s Why

    Golden Circle of www.BryanKoh.com Why To help people moving forward so that they can have a better and happier life. How Be kind to people Be supportive Keep it simple Be better than yesterday Be a giver without condition Create value What To become a Life Coach

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    Time The Most Precious Commodity

    What is Commodity A commodity is any useful or valuable thing, especially something that is bought and sold. Grain, vegetables, and precious metals are commodities, but so are personal qualities that can be used to make money: Originality and imagination are rare commodities in the film business. Above is the definition fromĀ www.vocabulary.com which I find that describe commodity the best. Let me ask you a question. Is Time a commodity? Time is Commodity To me, time is also a very useful and valuable things that people bought and sold. For self-employed, we exchange (sell) our time to the company in exchange for money. In this context, the company is actually…

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