• Penang Mee Yoke at Restoran Woh
    Bandar Sri Damansara,  Hawker Food

    Penang Mee Yoke (Prawn Noodle)

    Restoran Woh at Bandar Sri Damansara I still remembered when I was young, my dad always bring us to eat prawn noodle. It is so frequent that after I grow big, there was a period of time that I stopped eating prawn noodle. After few years, the craze for prawn noodle coming back. Partly because I like spicy food, and I like the soup of the prawn noodle. Penang Mee Yoke in Restoran Woh is one of my top favorites. I like their soup based and normally I will order the original prawn noodle that comes with pork slices, few small prawns and slices of the egg which costs RM…