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Nice People Are Still Abundance

Nice People Around Still

Today I would like to share some miracle experience that I feel after the last day of Unleash The Power Within conference by Tony Robbins in Singapore. One of my limiting belief that I have is not all people are trustable. During the transformation day, which the Day 3 of the seminar that I have finally removed my limiting beliefs and replaced it with a new belief which is People are Nice 🙂

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Unleash The Power Within @ Singapore 2018

Anthony Robbins is coming to Singapore for Unleash The Power Within from 1st to 4th February 2018. As of writing, all categories of ticket already sold out, and now they added new Silver Category with an investment of SGD 697 (MYR 2320.89) which entitled you for silver seating (limited view), fire-walk experience, course materials, and registration materials.

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